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This can all depend on the type of graphics you choose but a full colour digitally printed wrap should last up to 5 years and it depends upon the material the client is choosing.

Yes, we can provide a vehicle wrap that covers either part or the whole of your vehicle. Sometimes applying smaller graphics can create a great solution for smaller budgets. Or just including simple branding such as your logo and contact details on the side of your vehicle can be highly effective.

When applied correctly vehicle wrapping should not damage your paintwork, in fact in can act as a level of protection. Before sticker installation we will check your paintwork prior to applying graphics to ensure its in a good condition.

Vinyl wraps can be removed though wed recommend this is performed by one of our trained experts. You could damage your paint work if you attempt to remove them incorrectly. The sticker which is installed more than 5years can cause damage to the paints.

Not at all, though you may want to consider the colours in your branding before confirming a design or indeed purchasing a new vehicle. You want your graphics to look great but too many colour contrasts will reduce their impact.

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