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Vehicle Branding RTA Approval Services

Prior approval of the advertisement design is required before it can be displayed on vehicles registered in Dubai. The RTA will review the content and other details of the proposed vehicle design and annual advertising permits will be issued if all the prerequisites are met.

The professional team at iCatch can provide you with advice on the many types of permits, the application procedure and the required paperwork. This can help to avoid application rejection due to non-compliance. We have an RTA online account through which we can obtain RTA advertisement approval. The RTA permits advertising on company vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, passenger vans, cargo vans, trucks, buses and so on.

The RTA's advertising permit must be renewed each year. iCatch take care of renewing your existing advertising permits.

Vehicle Branding RTA Approval Services
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Types of Permits

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The main types of RTA permits are determined by the amount of advertisement coverage on the vehicle body and the type of vehicle on which the advertisement is displayed.

  • Commercial vehicles: logo and business name on the front doors without windows.
  • Commercial vehicles: a full wrap excluding the windows.
  • Commercial vehicles: a partial wrap excluding the windows.
  • Event promotion on a vehicle

Obtaining RTA approval can be a time-consuming process; with iCatch RTA approval service, you can delegate the entire process, from documentation to annual renewals, to us. Our staff's expertise and experience ensure that you receive approval quickly and without difficulty.

Fees Classification Types

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The size of the image and its placement on the vehicle surface determine the RTA permit fees for car advertisements. The fees are classified into three types.

  • Basic Logo Promotion
  • Graphics that cover half of the vehicle
  • Full / Complete Wrap

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We are involved in bringing RTA approvals for your vehicle branding and signage in the UAE. Get hassle-free advertising permits for your company with iCatch services.

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